FUN Study - learn English in Augmented Reality

Learning brings much fun!

What is it?

FUN Study is an innovational eductional book with Augmented Reality. This book is absolutely unique and fully illustrated. And it is magical. Because it makes objects alive!

For whom??

FUN Study is created for children who either have just started learning English or already speak it but would like to expand their vocabulary with new words, expressions or proverbs. We have already made adjustments to Tajik, Georgian, Ukrainian and Russian speaking children.

Why FUN Study?

This is the very first educational book where Augmented Reality is so widely used! It helps children learn playing. A child can make alive illustrations in Augmented Reality using our free application - Fun Study.

Fun Study

Fun Study is a unique project which makes learning interesting and exciting with the help of Augmented Reality technology. We printed a book with unique 3D illustrations inside. A child can make them alive with his smartphone or tablet and our app Fun Study.

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